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Ariel Leath



Student Researcher

Ariel (she/her) is a graduate student at the University of Pittsburgh studying Bioethics. Her primary research interests are end of life ethics, deathcare access and equity, and the impacts of technology on healthcare. In early 2022, Ariel completed the Jewish Healthcare Foundation’s Death & Dying Fellowship, which ignited her interest in palliative care research and connected her to PaRC.

Prior to her work with the University of Pittsburgh and PaRC, Ariel has worked extensively in the field of communications, marketing, community development and small business. She obtained a M.A. from Georgetown University in Communications, Culture & Technology. Ariel currently serves on the 501(c)6 board of directors for the Green Burial Council International, an organization dedicated to advocating for environmentally sustainable, natural death care options.

Ask me about: elderly dog adoption/hospice, weaving and other fiber crafts, natural wine, thrifting.