Jennifer Pruskowski

Jennifer Pruskowski


Assistant Professor and Director of Geriatric Pharmacy Research and Education, Division of Geriatric Medicine, School of Medicine (Primary Appointment)

Dr. Jennifer Pruskowski is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy’s Department of Pharmacy and Therapeutics and Director of Geriatric Pharmacy Research and Education in the School of Medicine. Dr. Pruskowski’s work focuses on the rational use of medications through the process of deprescribing. Deprescribing is defined as the process of tapering or stopping drugs, aimed at minimizing polypharmacy and improving patient outcomes. Her studies have ranged from development to dissemination and implementation of clinical pharmacist driven interventions. Her deprescribing initiative the DE-PHARM (Discussion to Ensure the Patient-centered, Health-focused, Appropriate, and Rational Medication regimen) has been shown to reduce potentially inappropriate and unnecessary medications, decrease costs to patients and the health system, and improve patient outcomes.

A complete list of Dr. Pruskowski’s publications can be found here.

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