Palliative Care
Access and Outcomes

The Influence of Life Stress on Advanced Lung Cancer Outcomes (L-SOALCO)

Dr. Rosenzweig leads this longitudinal, descriptive study measures deep baseline phenotype including lifetime stress and racism, allostatic load, and stress cytokines against outcomes of symptom experience, management, and dose intensity according to race, income, and geography in advanced-stage lung cancer. (Funding Source: Genetech 2020 Health Equity Innovations Fund)

Randomized Trial of a Scalable, Interactive Tool to Support Surrogate Decision-Makers of Elderly Critically Ill Patients

The goal of this randomized control trial, led by Dr. Douglas White, is to conduct an appropriately powered randomized clinical trial of the Family Support Tool (FST) intervention among the surrogates of critically ill older adults to determine the effects of the FST on patients’ clinical outcomes, surrogates’ psychological outcomes, measures of decision quality, and … Read more

Impact of Lifetime Stress, Racism & Neighborhood Deprivation on Outcomes of NSCLC

In this mixed methods approach, Dr. Rosenzweig and her team will quantify how social, cultural and physical factors including race, racism, poverty, trauma and neighborhood deprivation comprising allostatic load influences subsequent NSCLC disease outcomes directly or are moderated through patient physical, emotional and financial distress. This examination provides risk metrics and patient voice for the … Read more

The Breast Cancer Treatment Symptom Experience, Management and Outcomes According to Race (SEMOARS) Study

In this is a multi-site descriptive study Dr. Rosenzweig and her team will compare the chemotherapy symptom experience, management and dose intensity received/prescribed according to race. Genetics, epigenetics, and pharmacogenomics are areas of further exploration. Click here for more information. (Funding Source: NIH/NIMHD Grant R01MD012245) Project-related publications  Symptom Experience, Management, and Outcomes According to Race … Read more

A Cluster Randomized Trial of a Primary Palliative Care Intervention (CONNECT) for Patients with Advanced Cancer

Dr. Schenker and her team are currently analyzing data from this cluster randomized trial of an oncology nurse-led primary palliative care intervention, which enrolled 672 patients with advanced solid-tumor cancers and their 441 caregivers across 17 UPMC community oncology practices. Project-related publications Effect of an Oncology Nurse–Led Primary Palliative Care Intervention on Patients With Advanced … Read more

Concurrent Dialysis-Hospice Program Study

Through this mixed methods pilot study, Dr. Schell and her team will assess perceptions of involvement in an existing Concurrent Dialysis Hospice Care program among the patients, family caregivers, and clinicians who provided the care. Specifically, they aim to 1) describe a proof-of-concept, single-site (UPMC Family Hospice) concurrent hospice-dialysis program in collaboration with a non-profit … Read more