Supporting Patient and Family Decision Making

Investigating Clinician-Parent Communication at the time of Prenatal Diagnosis of Congenital Heart Disease

Dr. Harris’s research focuses on optimizing clinician-parent communication during prenatal diagnosis of complex congenital heart disease (cCHD). She previously conducted a longitudinal qualitative study to understand parental experiences after prenatal cCHD diagnosis and is now investigating the communication that occurs between fetal cardiology clinicians and parents at the time of diagnosis through qualitative analysis of … Read more

Patient-centered and Efficacious Advance Care Planning in Cancer (PEACe-compare)

Dr. Yael Schenker leads this single-blind, mixed-methods comparative effectiveness trial and concurrent qualitative study, which will compare the effects of in-person advance care planning (ACP) discussions with trained facilitators versus web-based ACP using interactive videos among 400 patients with solid tumor cancer and their caregivers. (Funding Source: NIH/NCI Grant R01CA235730) Project-related publications  Patient-centered and efficacious … Read more

Randomized Trial of Specialty Palliative Care Integrated with Critical Care for Critically Ill Older Adults at High Risk of Death or Severe Disability (PROPACC)

A multicenter randomized efficacy trial and a concurrent qualitative study comparing usual care to early integration of specialty PC with standard critical care among 625 older, critically ill patients at high risk of death or severe disability in 10 ICUs within 6 hospitals in Pennsylvania. (Funding Source: NIH/NCI Grant 1R01AG068567-01)

Self-Advocacy in Men

In this mixed methods study, Dr. Thomas explores how men with cancer overcome challenges they encounter during their cancer experience. Using individual in-depth interviews along with a large national observational study, she is using complementary qualitative and quantitative data to define key self-advocacy behaviors and revise existing measures that were developed in women. She is … Read more