Concurrent Dialysis-Hospice Program Study

Through this mixed methods pilot study, Dr. Schell and her team will assess perceptions of involvement in an existing Concurrent Dialysis Hospice Care program among the patients, family caregivers, and clinicians who provided the care. Specifically, they aim to 1) describe a proof-of-concept, single-site (UPMC Family Hospice) concurrent hospice-dialysis program in collaboration with a non-profit dialysis organization, Dialysis Clinic, Inc (DCI) and 2) elicit patient, caregiver and clinician perspectives on barriers and facilitators to implementing concurrent hospice-dialysis in diverse settings. Dr. Schell and her team have also created a 19 member national community advisory panel with diverse experts to provide feedback and input on implementation resources for a scalable concurrent program.

(Funding Source: Palliative Care Research Center (PCRC) Pilot Funding)